Essex wheels is proud to be launching a new range of wheels specifically aimed at the Custom & big bike market.

4 different styles are available in varying colour & finish.

Essex wheels can offer a service to modify these wheels fit any bike, chassis width, fork width etc

Below the styles are listed




These wheels as a usual spoked wheel but with mega size spokes. This gives a chunky effect together with strength & a high class finish.

They come with rubber bonded band on the inside of the wheel to allow the use of tubeless tyres.

This is an all steel wheel, with chrome or black finish.




This is a wheel machined from billet aluminium. A very smart wheel & a lot lighter than the king spoke.

Available in bare aluminium polished, or anodised black with machined spokes giving the poliched silver look.

Finish the wheels off with matching disc’s & pully’s





Again these are machined from billet aluminium, very similar in build to the Manhatton  but different design.

Again available with matching disc’s & pully’s







This is a standard spoked wheel but with 60 spokes.

A billet machined hub together with ally rim & chrome spokes