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When ordering butted or double butted spokes both gauges should be given. For example, if the spoke tapers from 8 to 10 gauge, write it as 8/10g.
Sizing spokes is quite easy if you follow this chart.

Spoke Gauges are as follows





(.104” dia)




(.124” dia)




(.142” dia)




(.156” dia)




(.171” dia)




(.192” dia)




(.203” dia)




(.224” dia)


Metric gauge sizes available on bulk orders – 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.50mm

Single Gauge Spoke

Single Gauge Spoke

Single Butted Spoke

Single Butted Spoke

Double Butted Spoke

Double Butted Spoke

Spoke nipples can be supplied in zinc plated steel for galvanised spokes or nickel plated brass for stainless steel spokes in the following barrel sizes (Not all barrel sizes are available for each gauge size).

Nipple sizes are as follows













The spokes currently available are

Galvanised has long been the traditional material for spokes, but today stainless steel is far more popular and gives a better, longer lasting finish.

Unpolished Stainless Steel spokes resemble galvanised spokes with the added benefit of being corrosion resistant.

Polished Stainless Steel gives spokes a chrome-like appearance, but without the same level of maintenance.

Butted and Double Butted Spokes are supplied in stainless steel only.

SM Pro “Bull Dog” Spokes are made from a high tensile stainless steel developed for the motocross market which is hard wearing and will not stretch with use.

All galvanised spoke sets are supplied with zinc-plated steel nipples, stainless steel spoke sets with nickel plated brass nipples.

Be aware that similar materials can seize together over time, so if you would like advice on materials do please ask. It should be remembered that stainless steel will not bend to the same degree as galvanised steel.

Providing the essential link between hub and rim.

The primary role of spokes is to give strength to the wheel, but the criss-cross effect of gleaming metal also looks visually pleasing.

Central Wheel Components manufacture galvanised and stainless steel spokes, the latter being supplied either polished or unpolished.

The material and finish chosen for a specific job will depend on several factors – the type of bike, its age and your personal preferences. The information below will help you decide.

Spokes vary greatly in length and diameter, some wheels featuring butted spokes. These aren’t a uniform thickness but taper down from one diameter to another and in rare cases you’ll find double butted spokes, which are thicker at each end for greater strength.

Our spoke sets for a one-off wheel comprise 40 spokes with nipples, though obviously we’re happy to supply any number of spokes, whether it’s 10 or 100,000.

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How do I order rims?2017-07-25T17:12:25+01:00

How Do I Order RimsAs every hub requires the holes in the rim to be set at a unique angle, it is vital that you supply the following information when ordering new rims.

If you require a complete wheel build, it will also be necessary to supply your existing hub.

  1. Your bike’s make and model
  2. The name and type of rim required, e.g. Morad Alloy TC
  3. The diameter and width of the rim, e.g. 18″ x 1.60″ (WM1)
  4. The number of spoke holes e.g. 40.
  5. Where possible, please state the type of hub, i.e. Full Width, conical, disc brake, QD or cotton reel single-sided.
  6. Hub dimensions, e.g. D1, D2 and W1 in diagram A.
  7. Hub offset measurement, e.g. O1 see diagram B.

Please note:
The rims supplied are replacement rims and not replicas. Some rims supplied may differ in dimple pattern or drilling to original equipment parts, but will fit the hub specified.

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