Wire Spoke Wheel Building

All Types of Spoked Wheel

We work on any spoked wheel, from the very old to the very new.

We spoke wheels for cars & motorbikes right through to wheels for aeroplanes.

On a classic refurb we generally have the hub blast & painted, then supply and fit new bearings.

We then either supply a new rim (Aluminium, chrome or stainless steel), or use the old rim once it has been reworked.

We then either supply galvanized or stainless steel spokes depending on your preference. (see our FAQ’S page to find out how to order rims & spokes)
Extra options are to have the centre of the rim painted, coach lining, powder coating, anodising or wet paint.

We can also supply new hubs from various manufactures, then build new parts around the hub. This process is generally used in MX, GRASSTRACK, SPEEDWAY, TRIALS & CLASSIC RACING where wheels get destroyed in accidents & need replacing.

The wheels & spokes are all made in house using our own data which has been compiled from years of working in the wheel industry.

Speedway Bike Spokes

We have a full machine shop providing services including

  • Turning & milling which allows us to skim any brake drum after the wheel has been built.

  • Welding of Aluminium, steel & stainless steel which allows us to repair damaged wheel parts.

  • CNC capabilities allowing us to design & manufacture our own hubs from billet , then lacing them to a rim desired by the customer.

  • All these options gives the customer flexibility to swop from cast wheels to spoked wheels giving the bike a completely different look.

  • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction & a quality reputation.

  • All cast wheels repaired of cracks & dents back to factory spec.

  • Powder coating services can be supplied at extra cost.

  • All bearings supplied to customer requirements.